Air-conditioning & Ventilation Systems

At Handyman, our certified and accredited HVAC technicians offer routine maintenance inspections as well as corrective maintenance and repair services to your ventilation systems as part of our bespoke Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service plans. Keeping the workplace well ventilated and the mechanical ventilation systems well maintained is a statutory requirement and Handyman has the expert knowledge in exactly what is required to ensure our clients comply with current regulations.

Janitorial Services

Handyman provides flexible, comprehensive and high quality janitorial services. We understand the importance of providing a discreet but high standard janitorial service to our clients. Our janitorial services have been developed on the basis of a performance specification. We review the quality, effectiveness and efficiency regularly to ensure that the output meets our quality requirements.

Aluminum Works & Maintenance

Landscaping & Gardening

Handyman provides Landscaping and Gardening services to our clients to confer an aesthetically pleasing appearance to their building developments and surroundings. We ensure that the landscaping standards and methods utilized for our clients are to acceptable standards. The landscaping services include outdoor landscaped areas and indoor plant maintenance.

Fumigation and Pest Control

Handyman has established partnerships with an array of experienced subcontractors who provide fumigation and pest control services to our clients. Our fumigation team is made of registered and licensed Environmental Health Officers, Consultants and other experts who use sophisticated equipment and techniques ensure that our fumigation exercises are of the highest standards and in conformity with acceptable safety guidelines.

Power & Electrical Services

Power supply is a critical need for almost all businesses and generators are the most important component of the power value chain. We offer valuable generator maintenance and repair services that provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve. We have a team of dedicated and experienced engineers and technicians will ensure that your power systems run smoothly and reliably. Most importantly, all our valuable benefits are offered at very reasonable rates.
We also provide complete electrical maintenance services; we cover all the needs for residential and commercial electrical maintenance. Our fully qualified & skilled electrical maintenance crews have decades of electrical maintenance experience. We provide prompt response to our valuable customers either in both emergency conditions or for routine calls. If you are facing electrical problems at your residence or in a commercial project, we have the capabilities to help. We not only believe in quality in terms of material & services but all focused on customer care through responsiveness, reliability and cost effective solutions.

Building Fabric Maintenance

At Handyman, we understand that maintaining any building involves several trades and hiring different contractors for each segment could impact negatively on standards and the quality of service provided. Our team consists of a diverse array of property maintenance experts is an assemblage of all you need to achieve standard building maintenance. We work with professional technicians drawn from every trade necessary for comprehensive building maintenance.

Sewage Management Systems

Handyman in partnership with one of the leading sewage evacuation companies in the Nigeria with decades of expertise carries out inspections, repairs, renovations and even, complete replacements of your sewer line.
From septic tanks to sewage drains, residential to commercial and industrial sites we provide clean, professional service from start to finish utilizing well maintained equipment and cleanup procedures.

Swimming Pool Management

We at Handyman are able to provide all of our clients swimming pool, spa, and fountain repair, renovation, and service needs as required. Our expert pool technicians make it easy to install your new pool equipment and they can also help to fix any leak, valve replacement or pump malfunctions.

Water Generation, Treatment & Distribution

At Handyman, we ensure that our clients water distribution systems meet optimum performance parameters and the functional requirements. We also install and maintain water treatment plants and have the capacity to provide quick and responsive plumbing services. Our team is always ready for plumbing services on contract and call basis.

Carpentry Works & Maintenance

HandyMan offers highly professional carpentry services to residential and commercial customers. Our highly skilled craftsmen are top rated in their field. Their professional knowledge and experience of carpentry can be applied anywhere from basement to roof. We not only offer the professional services of carpentry for renovation work, improvement in existing structure but we also have the capability for entirely new installation jobs for your kitchens, doors, stairs, windows, fences, cabinets, walls and floors. Our highly skilled carpenters are highly competent in their relevant fields and they are very familiar with the latest trends in the market.

Waste Management and Disposal

Handyman provides waste management services to our customers through approved vendors. We work with each client to define collection periods in line with their requirements. We provide our customers with an effectively managed and controlled waste processing and removal service to achieve the required standards and level of service in an efficient and affordable manner.

Fire Safety Systems Maintenance

Handyman offers a comprehensive fire systems protection and maintenance portfolio to our clients to optimally ensure the continuity of their business processes.
Fire protection systems require regular servicing to run at optimum performance and effectively combat fire. Our teams will regularly test and audit your system to ensure it meets all required standards. We are on call day and night throughout the year to assist with servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting our technicians can deal with most problems on the spot.
We are on 24-hour standby; ready to undertake emergency repairs to your fire-protection systems and products.

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